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The practice of managing the distribution of water resources in rangelands is crucial because forage utilization decreases rapidly as the distance to water increases. Animals will overuse sites near water locations rather than walk greater distances to abundant forage. Water requirements of grazing animals must be considered when planning water resources, and vary with species and class of animal, nature of the forage and weather.

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AMP50 01

Improved well distribution

Water points are optimally and efficiently distributed in rangeland to ensure a balanced distribution of herds and avoid overuse of vegetation around a limited number of wells. 


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AMP50 02

Water points fed by springs and streams

Water from springs or other sources is brought to water points in pastures. This greatly increases livestock productivity and reproductive performance, reduces erosion from cattle tracks in critical locations surrounding springs, and protect springs from being destroyed by the animals.


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AMP50 03

Water harvesting for livestock watering point

An artificial watershed (of ca. 100 m2) is installed in remote locations with poor access to water. The watershed is built from cement and drains into a well or tank to collect water during the winter for use during the dry season for livestock watering.


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AMP50 04

Planning water points for rotational grazing

A rotational grazing scheme is introduced following the establishment of new watering points to provide water in summer. The scheme ensures longer growing times for grass recovery on pastures and increases quantity and quality of pastures.


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