AMP52 06

Water management practices are used to modify the direction and amount of surface water flow, focus water availability for crop growth, prevent transpiration loss and irrigate crops. They address the soil threats of erosion, poor water holding capacity and salinization.

SQAPP includes 88 examples of the world-wide use of the following soil managment practices.


  • Diverting water flow


  • Intercepting drains
  • Subsurface drains
  • Surface drains


  • Planting pits
  • Ridge-furrow systems
  • Ridge-furrow systems for perennial crops
  • Micro-basins

»Water conservation

  • Inorganic mulching

»Water distribution

  • Water distribution in rangelands


  • Drip irrigation
  • Surface irrigation
  • Pivot irrigation
  • Sprinkler irrigation

»Irrigation management

  • Leaching salts
  • Minimizing saline water irrigation
  • Reduced water use in rice cultivation

»Irrigation scheduling

  • Irrigation optimization
  • Supplemental irrigation

»Runoff conveyance

  • Artificial grassed or paved waterways




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