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Vegetative strips consisting of grasses or shrubs planted along contour lines are used as a measure to control erosion, reduce and filter runoff and preserve sediment.

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AMP29 01

Slope subdivision with a grass strip

A field at risk of erosion by water is divided by a grass strip that prevents soil loss and further damage to the field and downstream areas and infrastructure during heavy rainfall.


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AMP29 02

Planted vegetative strips

Economic crops and forage are planted in strips along contour lines to control soil loss through erosion.


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AMP29 03

Natural vegetative strips

Within individual plots, strips of land along contour lines are left unploughed in order to form permanent, cross-slope barriers of naturally established grasses and herbs.


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AMP29 04

Progressive bench terraces formed by a vetiver hedge system and trees

Vetiver grass hedges are planted along contour lines. Successive deposits of sediment collect on the upslope side. To improve slope stabilization in the long term, new trees are planted along the downslope edge of the hedges.


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AMP29 05

Grass strips

Grass strips are planted to slow runoff, increase infiltration and retain sediment. The strips get bigger as the sediment builds up which maintains their capacity to retain water.


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AMP29 06

Aloe vera living hedges

Living hedges of Aloe vera are planted along contour lines to form a barrier that efficiently retains eroded sediments and surface runoff. The hedges stabilize the soil and improve infiltration and soil structure.


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