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Half-moon terraces are stone or earth embankments built in the shape of a semicircle with the tips of the bund on the contour. They can be used for individual shrubs or trees or arranged in staggered rows, so that overflow from one row runs downslope into the next. Their purpose is to collect and concentrate surface water runoff to increase water availability for plant growth.

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Semi-circular earth bunds

Semi-circular earth bunds are used to rehabilitate degraded, denuded and hardened land for crop growing, grazing or forestry.


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Half-moon terraces for trees

Half-moon shaped basins are dug in the soil to collect water and enhance moisture availability. Smaller, closely spaced half-moons are better for growing trees and shrubs.


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Mini half-moon stone terraces

Mini terraces with a stone wall at the edge, spaced in a staggered pattern are used for planting fruit trees. The aim is to conserve water and increase fertilizer efficiency by reducing runoff losses.


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Large semi-circular stone bunds

Semi-circular stone bunds are constructed by excavating a foundation and building a stone embankment that tapers in height towards the tips in order to enable the removal of excess runoff. Within the semicircle 1-3 tree planting pits can be excavated.


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Photo: Luuk Fleskens

La Geria half-moons for vines

At La Geria, vines are planted in cone-shaped pits that are protected against the prevalent wind by half-moon stone bunds. Vines are rooted into fertile soil that is covered with a layer of mineral-rich volcanic ash.


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