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Terraces are a relatively flat areas constructed on sloping land to reduce surface water runoff and erosion and enable more effective farming. A terraced landscape resembles a large flight of steps with the risers often reinforced with stone to prevent erosion.

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Traditional earth bench terraces

Level bench terraces are constructed with risers protected by fodder grasses, used for (irrigated) crop production.


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Small level bench terraces

Narrow terraces are constructed for growing perennial and horticultural crops on hillsides.


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Agricultural terraces with dry stone walls

Dry stone walls are built to reinforce the face of the terrace, creating agricultural land, minimizing soil erosion and retaining soil moisture on steep mountain slopes.


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Graded stone wall terraces

Stone walls are built by digging a shallow trench into which large foundation stones are laid followed by rows of smaller stones. New stones are added to the walls each year to preserve and maintain them. The same methods have been used for generations.  


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Loess terraces

Level bench terraces are built on highly erodible loess soils. Terraces like this allow cultivation but should be maintained properly to avoid topsoil losses.


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Small bench terraces

Small bench terraces are constructed along contour lines with a permanent green cover stabilizing the steep terrace face.

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Bench terraces

Wide bench terraces like this require substantial soil mobilization and can only be constructed in deep soils. Large individual terrace plots facilitate cultivation.


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Stone wall bench terraces

Bench terraces supported by stone walls like these are very labour intensive to construct but lead to less loss of land and highly stable terraces.


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