Main authors: Luuk Fleskens, Coen Ritsema, Zhanguo Bai, Violette Geissen, Jorge Mendes de Jesus, Vera da Silva, Aleid Teeuwen, Xiaomei Yang
iSQAPERiS editor: Jane Brandt
Source document: Fleskens, L et al. (2020) Tested and validated final version of SQAPP. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 4.2, 143 pp


The pedoclimatic zones were defined based on the overlay of climate zones (Figure 14, Peel et al., 2007) and WRB (Rev. 2015) world soil map (Figure 15).

D4.2 3 fig14
Figure 14
D4.2 3 fig15
Figure 15

This leads to 29 x 118 = 3422 potential combinations, of which 2098 indeed have overlap and were defined as pedo-climatic zones.


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