Description of practice

Subsoiling is a tillage practice that loosens the subsoil with minimum disturbance of the topsoil.  It is primarily used to control plough pans.

Examples of how to use subsoiling Further information
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AMP11 01

Subsoiling with mulching

A subsoil plough is used to loosen subsoils while leaving the surface soil undisturbed. A stubble mulch is kept on the soil surface.


»WOCAT technology 2401

AMP11 02

No tillage preceded by subsoiling

A subsoiler at a 50 cm depth is used every 5 years in combination no tillage cultivation.


»WOCAT technology 1012

AMP11 03


A decompactor is a large subsoiler implement that lifts the soil at a depth of 30-40 cm by 5 cm and moves it sideways; hardpan soil layers are broken so that the permeability and structure of the soil is greatly improved.


»Wikipedia Decompactor

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