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In the practice of contour ploughing the soil is ploughed along the contour, perpendicular to the direction of slope. The aim is to decrease the velocity of surface water runoff and soil erosion by concentrating water in the furrows and increasing infiltration. It is especially important at the beginning of the rainy season when there is little vegetation cover.

Examples of how to use contour ploughing Further information
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AMP09 01 Photo: Luuk Fleskens

Conventional contour ploughing

Ploughing and all cultivation is carried out along the contour lines, reducing soil erosion.


»WOCAT technology 1081

AMP09 02

Contour-planted trees intercropped with annual crops

Olive trees, planted in lines along the contour, are intercropped with an annual crop.


»WOCAT technology 1197

AMP09 03

Contour strip tillage

Contour tillage  is combined with strip tillage enabled through GPS tractor guidance combines residue cover and tillage along contour lines to reduce soil erosion.


»Ontario Grain Farmer

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