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No tillage is a soil management practice where, except for a small furrow for planting and/or placement of fertilizers, the soil is not disturbed by tillage. Ideally, residues from previous crops remain on the soil surface and weeds are managed by other means than burying/tillage. The main goal is erosion control through better soil structure and soil surface cover.

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AMP07 01

Direct drilling

Specialist direct seed drills place the seeds in the residues of the previous crop without the need for ploughing.


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AMP07 02

No-till perennial cropping

In an orchard under no tillage only occasional use is made of disc-ploughing, mowing, grazing or herbicide application for weed control.


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AMP07 03

Animal draft zero tillage

An animal drawn mechanical planter is used to plant directly in untilled soil to minimize soil disturbance and leave a cover of crop residues to conserve the soil and water.


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