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Applied in a thin protective layer, soil conditioners can stabilize a soil surface protecting it from wind and water erosion, retaining soil moisture and/or minimizing evaporation for some weeks. Soil conditioning products are based on liquid polymers, lignite wax or by-products from the sugar and paper industry.

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Biosolids (treated sewage sludge) are applied as a protective, fertilizing layer to the topsoil. Their use needs to be controlled because long-term application increases the amounts of heavy metals and other trace elements in the soil.


»Wikipedia Biosolids

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Paper Crumble

Paper Crumble is a by-product of the paper industry consisting of odourless woody fibres. When spread on agricultural fields it boosts organic matter content and improves the soil structure of arable land.



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Superabsorbant polymers

Superabsorbant polymers are functionally inert polymers with good water absorption and holding capacity. Spread on the soil surface they turn into a natural gel and protect the soil beneath.



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