AMP15 03

Soil management practices are principally used to protect and enhance the soil composition and structure thereby addressing the threats of erosion, compaction, poor water holding capacity and organic matter decline. They are also used to reduce extreme alkalinity or acidity.

SQAPP includes 51 examples of the world-wide use of the following soil managment practices.


  • No tillage
  • Minimum tillage
  • Contour ploughing
  • Strip tillage
  • Subsoiling
  • Roughening the soil surface
  • Raised beds

»Traffic management

  • Avoidance of traffic
  • Controlled traffic
  • Respect wheel load carrying capacity

»Soil replacement

  • Claying soils
  • Adding sand

»Soil amendments

  • Soil conditioners
  • Liming
  • Alkalinity management
  • Straw interlayer burial

»Conservation agriculture

  • Conservation agriculture


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