In its communication »Towards a Thematic Strategy for Soil Protection, the EU discusses the status of soils in Europe and identifys the major threats as

  • erosion,
  • SOM decline,
  • compaction,
  • poor structure,
  • poor water holding capacity,
  • nitrate leaching,
  • soil-borne pests and diseases
  • salinization

In this factsheet we explain the most relevant of these threats to agricultural soils.

Note: Download the factsheet


How are soil threats used in SQAPP?

In order to evaluate soil quality in any location SQAPP first assesses the level of each of these threats before combining the results in an overall soil quality index. For more information about the databases accessed by SQAPP see »Data input for SQAPP and for details of the threat level and final soil quality index caluclations see »Calculating the soil quality index. Those agricultural management practices that are most effective at addressing the threats are recommended, see »Philosophy and architecture of the pilot soil quality assessment tool.


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