Main authors: Jane Brandt, Giovanni Quaranta, Rosanna Salvia, Gottlieb Basch, Fernando Teixeira, Marie Wesselink, Julie Lemesle, Antonio Ferreira, Adelcia Viego, Jorge Mataix Solera, Fuensanta Garcia, Costas Kosmas, Orestis Kairis, Chrysa Aratzioglou, Matjaž Glavan, Zoltán Tóth, Olga Vizitiu, Irina Calciu, Jerzy Lipiec, Magdalena Frąc, Boguslaw Usowicz, Endla Reitam, Minggang Xu, Haimei Fu, Hongzhu Fan.
iSQAPERiS Editor: Jane Brandt
Source document: Brandt, J. et al. (2020) Demonstration of recommended agricultural management practices and SQAPP in the iSQAPER study sites. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 6.4 (additional) 71 pp


The iSQAPER study site teams were asked if, taking account discussions with the stakeholders and feedback from the various research tasks and events in which they took part, they anticipated that the iSQAPER research programme could have a lasting legacy in their study site in the following areas

  • Research results influencing farming practice
  • Uptake of recommended AMPs
  • Regular use of SQAPP
  • Development of new or enhancement of existing stakeholder networks
  • Involvement of new stakeholder types in existing networks.

The results are reported in Table 3.

Table 3: Anticipated impact of iSQAPER research programme in the study sites

D6.4 tab03v2

The results indicate that iSQAPER is anticipated to have an impact in all areas, in all study sites, however some are likely to be more visible than others. The teams thought the most visible impact would be in the areas of research results influencing farming practice and the uptake of recommended AMPs. The regular use of SQAPP would be less visible. It is less likely that new networks will be developed although new stakeholder types are likely to become involved in existing networks. 


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