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One of the major achievements of the iSQAPER project is the creation of SQAPP, the soil quality app. SQAPP can be used on mobile devices anywhere in the world, providing location-specific soil quality information and sustainable land use management options. A multi-actor approach was used to create SQAPP; it has been developed, tested, evaluated and improved by farmers, scientists, practitioners, agricultural service providers and policy makers.

Key section

┬╗Designing SQAPP: the soil quality assessment app

Articles that refer to the development, testing or use of SQAPP

AMPs of proven effectiveness to include in SQAPP
Calculating the soil quality index in SQAPP
Data input for SQAPP
Introducing the iSQAPER project
Philosophy and architecture of the pilot version of SQAPP
Review of existing soil apps
Stakeholder feedback questionnaire on SQAPP (beta version)
Stakeholder feedback results on SQAPP (beta version)
Stakeholder gender disaggregated feedback results on SQAPP (beta version)
Stakeholder wish-list for functionalities of SQAPP
What agricultural management practices are included in SQAPP?
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