Main authors: Ana Iglesias, Luis Garrote
iSQAPERiS Editor: Jane Brandt


 ** D8.4 draft

Regional modelling of future land use scenarios shows that the expected (‘business as usual’) scenario is not enough to make significant contributions towards improving the soil environmental footprint. However, a scenario modelling a situation in which policy efforts are focused on improving AMPs in areas where soil threats are more active and soil quality indicators are poorer delivers important benefits in key challenging areas, where the effects greatly improve the soil environmental footprint. Thus, in a situation of insufficient resources, targeting efforts on these areas could make significant overall improvements in soil environmental footprint [1].

The impacts of AMPs were more noticed when implemented in naturally less fertile soils, such as Podzols and Calcisols. In these soils, AMPs presented higher percentage of positive impacts (90-100%), whereas in other soils with intrinsic high fertility, such as Luvisols and Fluvisols, the positive impacts of AMPs were lower (50-60%). This shows that site-specific context should be taken into account for efficient implementation of the management strategies.

[1] Luis Garrote, David Santillán, Ana Iglesias. (2019) Report on the evaluation of scenarios of changed soil environmental footprint for a range of policy scenarios. ISQAPER deliverable 7.4.


** Further notes

Ana, Luis: Again we need your help identifying results from WP 7 that could be presented as a tool. The methods and skills needed for producing your scenarios are highly specialised so not readily transferable. However, we discussed the possibility of providing some kind of interface for exploring the scenario maps on
For example writing a short programme in javascript to enable the user to select combinations of crop and management practices from drop down menus, that display the yield, organic matter and biodiversity maps with a short piece of descriptive text. This tool would allow the exploration of the scenarios you produced. However, please make any other suggestion you like.
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