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 In the following list of publications resulting from the iSQAPER project, those that are particularly related to the core research themes are highlighted in yellow.

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Alaoui, A, Barão, L, Ferreira, CS, et al. Visual assessment of the impact of agricultural management practices on soil quality. Agronomy Journal. 2020; 112: 26082623
Gold Are, M., Kaart, T., Selge, A., Astover, A., Reintam, E. 2018. The interaction of soil aggregate stability with other soil properties on manure and nitrogen fertilization. Zemdirbyste-Agriculture (2018) vol. 105, No. 3.
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Gold Giulia Bongiorno, Else K. Bünemann, Chidinma U. Oguejiofor, Jennifer Meier, Gerrit Gort, Rob Comans, Paul Mäder, Lijbert Brussaard, Ronde Goede. 2019. Sensitivity of labile carbon fractions to tillage and organic matter management and their potential as comprehensive soil quality indicators across pedoclimatic conditions in Europe. Ecological Indicators 99, 38-50
Gold Giulia Bongiorno, Joeke Postma, Else K. Bünemann, Lijbert Brussaard, Ron G.M. de Goede, Paul Mäder, Lucius Tamm, Barbara Thuerig. 2019. Soil suppressiveness to Pythium ultimum in ten European long-term field experiments and its relation with soil parameters. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 133, 174-187.
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Gold Giulia BONGIORNO. Novel soil quality indicators for the evaluation of agricultural management practices: a biological perspective[J].Frontiers of Agricultural Science and Engineering,2020,7(3):257-274.
Gold Giulia Bongiorno, Else K. Bünemann, Lijbert Brussaard, Paul Mäder, Chidinma U. Oguejiofor, Ron G.M. de Goede, Soil management intensity shifts microbial catabolic profiles across a range of European long-term field experiments, Applied Soil Ecology, Volume 154, 2020, 103596, ISSN 0929-1393
Gold Giulia Bongiorno. 2020. Novel soil quality indicators for the evaluation of agricultural management practices: a biological perspective. PhD Thesis, Wageningen University
Gold Else K. Bünemann, Giulia Bongiorno, Zhanguo Bai, Rachel E. Creamer, Gerlinde De Deyn, Ron de Goede, Luuk Fleskens, Violette Geissen, Thom W. Kuyper, Paul Mäder, Mirjam Pulleman, Wijnand Sukkel, Jan Willem van Groenigen, Lijbert Brussaard. 2018. Soil quality – A critical review, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Volume 120
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Gold Jiang, Chong; Wang, Fei. 2016. Environmental Change in the Agro-Pastoral Transitional Zone, Northern China: Patterns, Drivers, and Implications. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13, no. 2: 165
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Gold Wenbin Ding, Fei Wang, Yunyun Dong, Kai Jin, Chenyu Cong, Jianqiao Han, Wenyan Ge. 2021. Effects of rainwater harvesting system on soil moisture in rain-fed orchards on the Chinese Loess Plateau. Agricultural Water Management, 243, 106496, ISSN 0378-3774
No Ee-Ling Ng, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Simon M. Eldridge, Priscilla Johnston, Hang-Wei Hu, Violette Geissen, Deli Chen,
An overview of microplastic and nanoplastic pollution in agroecosystems, Science of The Total Environment, Volume 627, 2018, Pages 1377-1388, ISSN 0048-9697
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Gold Reintam, E,; Sutri, M.; Kahu, G.; Are, M.; Stagerescu, G.; Selge, A. (2018). Otsekülvi mõju mulla kvaliteedile Eesti tootmispõldudel. (The effect of no-tillage on soil quality on Estonian farm fields) Maarika Alaru (Toim.). Agronoomia 2018 (22−29). Tartu: Rebellis AS. In Estonian, Abstract in English
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