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OA Bai Z.G., Caspari T., Ruiperez-Gonzalez M., Batjes N.H., Mäder, P., Bünemann E.K., de Goede, R, Brussaard, L., Xu M.G., Santos Ferreira C.S., Reintam E., Fan H.Z., Mihelič R., Glavan M., Tóth Z., 2018. Effects of agricultural management practices on soil quality: A review of long-term experiments for Europe and China. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 265, 1-7
OA Else K. Bünemann, Giulia Bongiorno, Zhanguo Bai, Rachel E. Creamer, Gerlinde De Deyn, Ron de Goede, Luuk Fleskens, Violette Geissen, Thom W. Kuyper, Paul Mäder, Mirjam Pulleman, Wijnand Sukkel, Jan Willem van Groenigen, Lijbert Brussaard. 2018. Soil quality – A critical review, Soil Biology and Biochemistry, Volume 120
  Lúcia Barão, Abdallah Alaoui, Carla Ferreira, Gottlie Basch, Gudrun Schwilch, Violette Geissen, Wijnand Sukkel, Julie Lemesle, Fuensanta Garcia-Orenes, Alicia Morugán-Coronado, JorgeMataix-Solera, Costas Kosmas, Matjaž Glavan, Marina Pintar, Brigitta Tóth, Tamás Hermann, Olga Petruta Vizitiu, Jerzy Lipiec, Fei Wang. 2019. Assessment of promising agricultural management practices. Science of the total environment, 649: 610-619.
OA Giulia Bongiorno, Else K. Bünemann, Chidinma U. Oguejiofor, Jennifer Meier, Gerrit Gort, Rob Comans, Paul Mäder, Lijbert Brussaard, Ronde Goede. 2019. Sensitivity of labile carbon fractions to tillage and organic matter management and their potential as comprehensive soil quality indicators across pedoclimatic conditions in Europe. Ecological Indicators 99, 38-50
OA Giulia Bongiorno, Joeke Postma, Else K. Bünemann, Lijbert Brussaard, Ron G.M. de Goede, Paul Mäder, Lucius Tamm, Barbara Thuerig. 2019. Soil suppressiveness to Pythium ultimum in ten European long-term field experiments and its relation with soil parameters. Soil Biology and Biochemistry 133, 174-187.
Giulia Bongiorno, Natacha Bodenhausen, Else K. Bünemann, Lijbert Brussaard, Stefan Geisen, Paul Mäder, Casper W. Quist, Jean‐Claude Walser, Ron G. M. de Goede. 2019. Reduced tillage, but not organic matter input, increased nematode diversity and food web stability in European long‐term field experiments. Mol Ecol.; 28: 49875005

Open access publications

Are, M., Kaart, T., Selge, A., Astover, A., Reintam, E. 2018. The interaction of soil aggregate stability with other soil properties on manure and nitrogen fertilization. Zemdirbyste-Agriculture (2018) vol. 105, No. 3.
Bogusław Usowicz, Jerzy Lipiec, Spatial variability of soil properties and cereal yield in a cultivated field on sandy soil, Soil & Tillage Research 174 (2017) 241–250
Jiang, Chong; Wang, Fei. 2016. Environmental Change in the Agro-Pastoral Transitional Zone, Northern China: Patterns, Drivers, and Implications. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 2016, 13, no. 2: 165
Janjo de Haan, Marie Wesselink, Wim van Dijk, Harry Verstegen, Willem van Geel, Wim van den Berg 2018. Biologische teelt op een zuidelijke zandgrond: opbrengst, bemesting, bodemkwaliteit en stikstofverliezen Resultaten van het biologische bedrijfssysteem van het project Bodemkwaliteit op zand in de periode 2000-2016 Wageningen University Research Report (in Dutch)
Janjo de Haan, Marie Wesselink, Wim van Dijk, Harry Verstegen, Willem van Geel, Wim van den Berg 2018. Effect van organische stofbeheer op opbrengst, bodemkwaliteit en stikstofverliezen op een zuidelijke zandgrond Resultaten van de gangbare bedrijfssystemen van het project Bodemkwaliteit op zand in de periode 2011-2016. Wageningen University Research Report (in Dutch)
Jiao, Qiao; Li, Rui; Wang, Fei; Mu, Xingmin; Li, Pengfei; An, Chunchun. Impacts of Re-Vegetation on Surface Soil Moisture over the Chinese Loess Plateau Based on Remote Sensing Datasets. Remote Sensing. 2016. 8, no. 2: 156
Tamás Kismányoky, Brigitta Tóth. 2016.Catch crop (oil radish) functions in long term cereal crop rotation. Columella - Journal of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Vol. 3, No. 1
Lin, K., Li, D.C., Song, X.D., Zu, C.L., Jiang, C.Q., Shen, J., Ma, C.X., Gao, Q., Zhu, Q.F., Ji, X.J., Zhang, G. and Xue, L. (2017) Contents and Changes of Potassium in Plough Layers of Xuancheng, South Anhui Province. Agricultural Sciences, 8, 348-355.
Lori M, Symnaczik S, Mäder P, De Deyn G, Gattinger A (2017) Organic farming enhances soil microbial abundance and activity—A meta-analysis and meta-regression. PLOS ONE 12(7): e0180442. 
Yueling Qi, Xiaomei Yang, Amalia Mejia Pelaez, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Nicolas Beriot, Henny Gertsen, Paolina Garbeva, Violette Geissen. 2018. Macro- and micro- plastics in soil-plant system: Effects of plastic mulch film residues on wheat (Triticum aestivum) growth. Science of the Total Environment 645: 1048–1056
Reintam, E,; Sutri, M.; Kahu, G.; Are, M.; Stagerescu, G.; Selge, A. (2018). Otsekülvi mõju mulla kvaliteedile Eesti tootmispõldudel. (The effect of no-tillage on soil quality on Estonian farm fields) Maarika Alaru (Toim.). Agronoomia 2018 (22−29). Tartu: Rebellis AS. In Estonian, Abstract in English
Vera Silva, Hans G.J. Mol, Paul Zomer, Marc Tienstra, Coen J. Ritsema, Violette Geissen. 2019. Pesticide residues in European agricultural soils – A hidden reality unfolded. Science of the Total Environment 653: 1532–1545
Stankovics, P., Tóth, G., Tóth, Z., 2018. Identifying gaps between the legislative tools of soil protection in the EU member states for a common European soil protection legislation. Sustainability 10:8 Paper: 2886
Symanczik Sarah, Gisler Michelle, Thonar Cécile, Schlaeppi Klaus, Van der Heijden Marcel, Kahmen Ansgar, Boller Thomas, Mäder Paul. 2017. Application of Mycorrhiza and Soil from a Permaculture System Improved Phosphorus Acquisition in Naranjilla. Frontiers in Plant Science 8, 1263 
Tóth B, Weynants M, Pásztor L, Hengl T. 3D soil hydraulic database of Europe at 250 m resolution. Hydrological Processes. 2017;31:2662–2666.
Tuo, D., Xu, M., Li, Q., and Liu, S. (2017). Soil Aggregate Stability and Associated Structure Affected by Long-Term Fertilization for a Loessial Soil on the Loess Plateau of China. Polish Journal of Environmental Studies, 26(2), pp.827-835. 
Wang A Q, Lin K, Ma C X, et al. A brief study on pH, exchangeable Ca2+ and Mg2+ in farmlands under tobacco-rice rotation in Xuancheng city of south Anhui. Agricultural Sciences, 2018, 9: 480-488
Hongming Zhang, Jicheng Wei, Qinke Yang, Jantiene E.M. Baartman, Lingtong Gai, Xiaomei Yang, ShuQin Li, Jiantao Yu, Coen J. Ritsema, Violette Geissen. 2017. An improved method for calculating slope length (λ) and the LS parameters of the Revised Universal Soil Loss Equation for large watersheds Geoderma 308: 36–45
Zhang H M, Yang J T, Baartman J E M, Li S Q, Jin B, Han W T. Quality of terrestrial data derived from UAV photogrammetry: A case study of Hetao irrigation district in northern China. Int J Agric & Biol Eng, 2018; 11(3): 171–177

 Other publications

Ferreira, C.S.S., Keizer, J.J., Santos, L.M.B., Serpa, D., Silva, V., Cerqueira, M., Ferreira, A.J.D., Abrantes, N. 2018. Runoff, sediment and nutrient exports from a Mediterranean vineyard under integrated production: an experiment at plot scale. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment, 256, 184-193.
Chong Jiang, Fei Wang. 2016. Temporal changes of streamflow and its causes in the Liao River Basin over the period of 1953–2011, northeastern China. Catena Volume 145, Pages 227-238.
Chong Jiang, Fei Wang, Haiyan Zhang, Xinling Dong. 2016. Quantifying changes in multiple ecosystem services during 2000–2012 on the Loess Plateau, China, as a result of climate variability and ecological restoration. Ecological Engineering, 97: 258–271
Jiaojiao Gou, Fei Wang, Kai Jin, Xingmin Mu, Deliang Chen. 2018. More realistic land-use and vegetation parameters in a regional climate model reduce model biases over China. Int J Climatol. 2019;1–13 
David Santillán, Ana Iglesias, Isabelle La Jeunesse, Luis Garrote, Vicente Sotes. 2019. Vineyards in transition: A global assessment of the adaptation needs of grape producing regions under climate change. Science of the Total Environment 657: 839–852
Shaoliang Zhang, Xiaomei Yang, Hennie Gertsen, Piet Peters, Tamás Salánki, Violette Geissen. 2018. A simple method for the extraction and identification of light density microplastics from soil. Science of the Total Environment 616–617: 1056–1065
Wang, M., Baartman, J.E.M., Zhang, H., Yang, Q., Li, S., Yang, J. Cai, C., Wang, M., Ritsema, C.J., Geissen, V. 2018. An integrated method for calculating DEM-based RUSLE LS. Earth Sci Inform 11: 579.
Xiaomei Yang, Célia P.M. Bento, Hao Chen, Hongming Zhang, Sha Xue, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Paul Zomer, Coen J. Ritsema, Violette Geissen. 2018. Influence of microplastic addition on glyphosate decay and soil microbial activities in Chinese loess soil. Environmental Pollution 242 (2018) 338-347.
Xiaomei Yang, Esperanza Huerta Lwanga, Akram Bemani, Hennie Gertsen, Tamas Salanki, Xuetao Guo, Haimei Fu, Sha Xue, Coen Ritsema, Violette Geissen. 2019. Biogenic transport of glyphosate in the presence of LDPE microplastics: A mesocosm experiment. Environmental Pollution 245 (2019) 829-835
Yi He, Fei Wang, Xingmin Mu, Lanqin Guo, Peng Gao, Guangju Zhao. 2017. Human activity and climate variability impacts on sediment discharge and runoff in the Yellow River of China. Theor Appl Climatol 129:645–654 
Yu Miao, van der Ploeg Martine, Lwanga Esperanza Huerta, Yang Xiaomei, Zhang Shaoliang, Ma Xiaoyi, Ritsema Coen J., Geissen Violette (2019) Leaching of microplastics by preferential flow in earthworm (Lumbricus terrestris) burrows. Environmental Chemistry 16, 31-40.
Dong Zhao, Mingxiang Xu, Guobin Liu, Luyang Ma, Shengmin Zhang, Tiqiao Xiao, Guanyun Peng. 2017. Effect of vegetation type on microstructure of soil aggregates on the Loess Plateau, China. Agriculture Ecosystems & Environment, 242: 1-8



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