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Further analysis of the SQAPP beta version evaluation by stakeholders to see if there were any differences between the responses of men and women.

Please cite as: Claringbould, H. (2019) Gender disaggregated stakeholder feedback on the soil quality assessment app. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 5.1 (attachment), 9 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents

Following the release of the beta version of SQAPP, some 90 European stakeholders (researchers, farmers, students, advisory services and policy makers from Slovenia, Poland, Portugal, Greece, Spain, France, Estonia, Romania and Netherlands) evaluated, for their own locations, the information provided by SQAPP about soil quality properties, soil threats and recommendations for agricultural management practices. In this report we review the results of the evaluation. The stakeholders' responses were used to refine the subsequent versions of SQAPP.

Please cite as: Alaoui, A. and Lemann, T. (2019) Report on stakeholder feedback to soil quality assessment app. iSQAPER Project Deliverable 5.1, 45 pp. Available at www.isqaper-is.eu/documents

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