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Application of liquid manure is a common method for supplying nutrients. It also forms a thin layer on the soil surface to protect from wind erosion. There is a potential risk of eutrophication affecting water quality.

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AMP61 01

Land surface spreading

Manure is spread on the soil surface as a convenient way to fertilize fields. However, uneven distribution, soil compaction, nitrate leaching and runoff are issues that should be taken into account.


»Researchgate - Zhao et al.

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Manure irrigation

Liquid manure (effluent) is applied to cropland through a sprinkler irrigation system. Manure irrigation is likely to result in uneven application and poses threats like surface runoff and environmental pollution.


»Environmental Health Perspectives - Seltenrich

AMP61 03

Slurry injection

Using a specialized implement, slurry is injected in narrow bands directly into the soil or on the soil surface, often underneath the crop canopy. Slurry injection is one of the most affordable ways for farmers to fertilize their fields and reduces odour, nutrient runoff and gaseous emissions.


»Hay & Forage Grower

AMP61 04

Umbilical slurry injection

An injection system with an umbilical pipe is used to inject slurry into the soil. The practice reduces the threat of soil compaction and allows use of lighter tractors.


»Agrometer A/S

AMP61 05

Real-time slurry analysis

NIR sensors are used to measure the components of the slurry during tank filling or application, allowing more precision in manure application. Application rates can also be adjusted to crop performance on a field.


»DLG TestService GmbH

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