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Carbon and nutrient management practices are used to increase nutrient availability for crops, increase soil organic matter, improve soil structure, provide protection to the soil from wind and water erosion, reduce evaporation and suppress weeds. They address the soil threats of poor soil structure and poor water holding capacity, erosion and soil organic matter decline.

SQAPP includes 53 examples of the world-wide use of the following soil managment practices.

»Organic amendments

  • Liquid manure or slurry
  • Animal manure
  • Compost
  • Biochar
  • Biofertilizers

»Inorganic amendments

  • Inorganic fertilizers

»Green manuring

  • Green manure
  • Leguminous crops

»Crop residue management

  • Retaining crop residues
  • In situ composting


  • Mulching with pruning materials
  • Straw mulching


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